Thursday, September 2, 2010

I WON!! I WON!! I Shot the BB Gun!!

A little over a month ago, I ran across this site called pixelelement. I don't remember why I visited (probably looking for freebie vectors) but I saw that they had a contest to win some vectors and brushes from a wonderful site named Designious. I did a quick peek around their site (and took some copies of their freebies... after all, I was in the neighborhood) and thought it would be awesome to see if I could win. Their art was very clean and impressed me with

I don't normally enter blogging contests, as I tend to get spammed pretty heavily afterwards, but I felt confident enough in Google's Gmail spam filter to post a paragraph. After completely forgetting about it, I all of the sudden received and email congratulating me on my win. After a minute of little happy dancing with a dose of "squee" added I collected my winnings.

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Now just to find a project to put them in!

I also have spent this past week helping my wife's new boss, Michael Strickland of the Michael Strickland Design Group, one of the oldest design firms in Houston, to his new offices... across the hall from his old offices. I need to congratulate her as well by sending flowers.

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  1. I’m a small peAce-de-resistance of a Larger Picture. God bless you.